We seek your help in creating awareness in the community on the challenges faced by the paraplegics.

As Individuals

A monthly contribution of a fixed amount (Say Rs.5000) for the next 12 months.

Participation in trust activities.

Ideas which will help our purpose.

As  an Organizations

One time grant in cash or in kind

Sustained financial / commodity commitment

Contribution in any other form (surgery, education, infrastructure and employment etc..)

Partner with us to achieve our purpose

We wish to share the following information through this website

Contribution / any help received

Monthly Expenditure Statement


  1. Can adopt a child by donating Rs 5000.00 per month for a calendar year. Monthly expenditure for a child per month (Rs 5000.00) includes education,food, shelter and medical needs.
  2. Can donate for one day or one time meal on any auspicious day. The charges for an entire day meal would be Rs 3000.00 and for one time meal is Rs 1000.00.
  3. Can also donate wheelchair,walker,calipers, crutches, school stationary materials etc.
  4. Can donate grocery/ration for a calendar year.
  • The contribution can be made by crossed Cheque in the name of Mathru Foundation, Bangalore.
  • Our Pan Number : AABTM3841L