A large number of children afflicted by polio languish in our villages uncared and unattended. Having undergone the struggle ourselves right from our childhood to till date, we have to establish a residential home for children with physical disability to provide those children educational facilities, food, accommodation and medical support.

Injuries are largely due to accidents or infection of spinal cord severely affect the lower extremities and render the paraplegic with no control over their bladder and bowels. They easily succumb to associated medical complications. They feel unwanted and their morale hit a new low. In order to provide them a medical care, we have to establish a medical care center and instill self confidence in them by giving vocational training.

Thus, "Instill Self Confidence" is the motto of the Mathru Foundation and those within its fold. The focus of the Foundation's activity is not on the disabled of the victim, but on the development of the persons abilities and their skills to become a self reliant member of the society.

Mathru Foundation Brochure